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Three Country Tour

Three Country Tour

Three Country Tour - Thailand - Myanmar - Laos 

        The three countries that make up the Golden Triangle are Thailand,
Laos and Myanmar. Each of the three countries has its own character,
traditions and products – this tour is designed to give a taste of each
as well give you a unique chance to set foot in three of the world’s most
mysterious and sensuous countries in just one day.
        All you need is your passport and an adventurous spirit.
Pick up at your hotel in Chiang Rai or the Golden Triange and transfer to
Mae Sai,the border town to Myanmar. After immigration formalities,cross the
bridge into Myanmar on foot. Just a few steps away you will notice a dramatic
change in cultures and lifestyle. The Burmese border town of Ta Chi Lek is
a melting pot of peoples and traditions from across Asia. Take time to
explore the market,full of local handicrafts, spices and specialties
and a center for the sale of Chinese goods. Take a short rest at the large
pagoda atop a hill overlooking the town and surrounding area. Visit the
quarter where an enclave of the Shan people live. Then cross the bridge
on foot and return to Mae Sai.Enjoy a packed lunch in a nice picnic spot,
then continue to Chiang Saen.Chiang Saen, once capital of the Lanna kingdom,
was richly endowed with religious buildings. Following victory over Burmese
forces in 1804 the town was abandoned for almost eighty years and the
important places of worship and defensive walls fell into ruin.
These ruins have been preserved by the current administration
and some are still worshipped.
       Particularly important are Wat Chedi Luang and the walls themselves.
A visit to the food market is an eye opener; local foods,
sweets and gossip are all available – the market even has
it’s own ‘forgotten’ ruin at the very back. Take a long-tail boat
across the Mekong River to Don Sao, which translates into ‘Island 20’
in the local language. Walk through the small market selling local
handicrafts,Laos goods as well as local rice whisky (Lao khao)
and the famous Beer Laos.Return to Thailand by boat and transfer to your hotel.

     1 person     2  persons 3 – 5 persons 6 – 10 persons
5,290 2,980 2,425 1,650

     Include minibus/English speaking guide
  Drinking water/local lunch/Long Tail Boat



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